Lola Brown, Ph.D.

Dr. Lola Brown, a licensed psychologist, uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals
  • Overcome psychological problems including depression, anxiety, and panic disorder;
  • Work through relationship issues;
  • Manage life challenges including career concerns, health problems, and important transitions.
Dr. Brown enriches her busy practice with both teaching and research. She is an Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California where she teaches in the graduate program for marriage and family therapists. She has also taught graduate courses in the Counseling Program at California State University at Fullerton. At USC she was involved in research regarding parenting styles and the impact on student achievement. This study was published in Marriage & Family Review in 2008.

Dr. Brown is currently working on a book entitled The Joy of Work: How to Find Meaning in Your Life Through Work. The Joy of Work features the inspiring stories of men and women in a variety of occupations in ages ranging from 31 to 96 who have found passion and joy in their work. What draws a person to a particular line of work, and what makes them want to stay there? What keeps them interested and motivated? Each of the people interviewed responded to several questions including: "How did you get to the place where you found passion and joy in your work?" and "If you could go back and change something about your choice of career, what would you do?" They discuss what passion means to them and what adversities or pitfalls they overcame during the course of their careers. They define persons or situations that were pivotal to discovering their passion, and they offer suggestions to help others find joy in their work.

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