About Dr. Brown

Education and Training

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University
M.A. California State University, Fullerton
M.S. California State University, Long Beach
B.S. University of North Dakota

I have completed additional post-graduate clinical coursework including internships. I have also received additional training in cognitive behavioral therapy from multiple sources.

Research and Publications


Joyful Mondays: How to Find Passion and Joy in Your Work (2011).

Resume Writing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Resume Preparation and Job Search (Eighth Edition, 2007).

Changing Careers: Steps to Success (1994).


While at the Claremont Graduate University, I was member of a collaborative research group applying qualitative methodology to the study of identity formation and self concept. At USC, I was involved in research regarding parenting styles and the impact on student achievement. This study was published in the Marriage and Family Review (2008).

Currently I am involved in a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) consortium comprised of several psychologists who meet regularly at the Anxiety Research Center in Orange County.

Teaching Experience

University of Southern California. Adjunct Professor, Department of Counseling/MFT Program.

California State University, Fullerton. Adjunct Professor, Department of Counseling.

Fullerton College. Professor and member of the Counseling Faculty.