About Dr. Brown

Personal Biography

My entire professional life has been devoted to the counseling profession. I was a member of the counseling faculty at Fullerton College for 29 years. During that tenure, I counseled hundreds of adults including those who were in transition and trying to overcome life challenges. More recently, I have transitioned to clinical work. I am a licensed psychologist in a private practice devoted to counseling individuals who are struggling with relationship issues, anxiety, stress and depression. On a more personal note, I enjoy the outdoors and traveling to new and interesting places with my husband. I also enjoy snow skiing, hiking, horseback riding, photography and playing the piano.

Teaching Interests

I have taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Currently, as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, I teach Psychopathology and Advanced Techniques for Marriage and Family Therapists. I have also taught several graduate-level courses in the counseling program at California State University, Fullerton.

While at Fullerton College, I supervised and trained several master's level students in the counseling program at California State University, Long Beach. In this sense, I consider myself both a coach and a mentor. I am especially interested in the relationship of counseling theories to actual clinical practice.

Research Interests

My research interests center around the psychology of work. I am currently working on a book entitled The Joy of Work: How to Find Meaning in Your Life Through Work. This narrative study involved over 50 men and women who shared with me how they found passion and joy in their work. While teaching at the University of Southern California, I became involved in the research surrounding parenting styles and the impact on student achievement. This study was published in Marriage & Family Review in 2008. I was also a member of a collaborative group at the Claremont Graduate University applying qualitative methodology to the study of identity formation and self concept. I am also published in the career development field.

Lola Brown's career development text, Resume Writing Made Easyhas been in publication for over 25 years.