I believe that successful relationships are essential for psychological, physical, and spiritual health. Maintaining an intimate, committed relationship with a partner is difficult, and requires effort and skill development. Couples often have difficulties solving problems arising from financial issues, in-laws, sex, parenting differences and infidelity. When one or both partners is troubled by anxiety, depression, anger, or substance abuse I recommend individual counseling because these challenges have an impact on the relationship. 


I am deeply committed to helping couples make their marriages or relationships work. I will help you to understand the underlying issues contributing to your conflict and assist you with strategies for improvement. I approach a couple’s relationship issues through the application of research-based methods for marital assessment and diagnosis. The goals center around strengthening the relationship or marriage, enhancing communication skills, renegotiating the relationship contract and in some cases, creating a parenting team.

Areas Addressed

  • Attitudes
  • Expectations
  • Values
  • Sources of conflict
  • Repair techniques
  • Emotional disengagement